Netherland Government Leaders Join the UN In Harassing Pastoral Farmers


Wrapped in typical UN bureau-speak, Agenda 21, birthed in 1992, moves forward by stealth. Working from the largely ignored municipal level of government, conveniently dogged by voter apathy, it has already recruited thousands of mayors and reeves in countless cities and towns, including those of North America.

Woke Dutch farmers, who yesterday staged a second massive revolt against so-called Climate Change restrictions, were once again patently ignored by both local and international media. If the masses don't protect the farmers in their countries, the UN's Agenda 21 will eventually lead to mass starvation. Meanwhile, it's not farmers who governments should be sending in the military, but the UN. Farmers and the cows of the field are not the cause of fictitious global-warming, even though governments backing the UN's Agenda 21 are absurdly blaming them.