Nationalism is not Racism as the French PM asserts. It is the antidote to it!


Third World immigrants didn't invent the automobile, steam locomotive, combustion engine, jet aircraft, hypersonics, Google, iMac, internet, modern medicine, x-ray machine, MRI, CTS and nuclear imaging, the atomic and thermonuclear weapon, cyber security, television, radio, violin, piano and every instrument of the grand orchestra, digital communications, digital photography, analog and digital music, the laser, wifi, mobile phone, Nike and Adidas, high end cuisine, kidney transplants, eyeglasses and cataract surgery, or put men's footprint on the moon's surface and a Tesla on a whimsical intergalactic journey.

White men and women of European, Christian and Jewish ancestry have. And none of them in the pursuit of excellence - the innovators and geniuses - resorted to tribalism, identity politics based on their skin, self-back-patting, crowing or braying at the moon, or racism. Instead of shouting and blaming, resenting the smarter and wealthier, and hate, or taking credit for the achievement of others, they went about doing for their nation - exercising their nationalism.