My New Year's Hope: Counter-Revolution


When patriarchal Christianity succumbed to progressive secularism, when clerics with lisps and pink shirts took to the pulpit to preach the PC news rather than the Good News, the field was left wide open to Islam. People crave clarity and moral absolutes. They need a clear demarcation of good and evil, right and wrong, dos and don'ts.

Christian Canada is dying and retreating by inches. While more than 60,000 Muslims enter Canada every year, while the Muslim population in Canada has doubled every decade for the past thirty years, while Christian congregations diminish and mosques swell, while progressives mock Christianity while campaigning against what is absurdly called "Islamophobia", while a Victoria City councillor can denounce the funding of Christmas decorations while previously supporting the Mayor's call for city residents to fast to mark Ramadan - Canada's Christian heritage is being pushed to the margins.