My Dangerous Loverboy: The Official Music Video


My Dangerous Loverboy - Stop Sex Trafficking. The Official Music Video was created to raise awareness of internal sex trafficking of young girls around UK cities. Support the campaign to fight sex trafficking!

This video was created to draw attention to the "Grooming Gangs" and their methods but was deemed too controversial to be fully released.

Intended to be shown in schools to protect the native English children most vulnerable - the music video actually won educational awards due to its sensitivity -despite portraying the victim as a decade older than the usual targets of child-rape gangs, and her abusers as decades younger than normal: it was never shown in a single school.

In the interests of Social Cohesion: with the confirmed complicity, this week, of the judiciary, the continuing cover-up spans all the UK's institutions.

These are the young girls Tommy Robinson is fighting for.

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