Mum of girl, 16, raped by three Somali men tells how their 50 friends and relatives harassed her during trial


The Mum of a teenage girl who was gang raped by three Somali men has revealed how she was harassed by more than 50 friends and family when they were jailed for a combined 29 years. She claims throughout the two-month trial, relatives of the three men who raped her daughter gathered in huge groups and deliberately intimidated her and her family. Many refused to move when they tried to get past in corridors, whispered abuse under their breath and stared at the victim's family in an attempt to intimidate them.

Those who harassed rape victims and their relatives as detailed in this story, however, will receive no lengthy stay in solitary confinement or even arrest, let alone find themselves charged with Contempt of Court.

Tommy Robinson on the other hand was sentenced to Belmarsh Prison for standing outside the courtroom in Leeds and asking the grooming gang rapists "Hey lads, how are you feeling about your verdict". Such journalism, which took place outside court property, was deemed to have caused the men "anxiety."

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