Much to love about Canada, despite any imperfections by Conrad Black


I don't intend to make light of the real problems. But our official obsession with this issue is an absurd displacement for other concerns. Of course racism exists and must be extirpated. But this is not a racist country; it is a good country compared to the 197 others. Let's all do better but writing as someone who has suffered minor collateral damage from the current uproar, let us banish the illusion that to recognize the merit of Canada is an act that gives rightful offence to anyone, especially not ourselves.

Canada as a self-governing entity has never had any slavery and Canadians before and after they became self-governing in internal matters in 1848 had an admirable record in encouraging and accepting fugitive slaves from the United States, totalling about 40,000, and in giving refuge to anti-slavery activists, including John Brown and Harriet Tubman, who has now replaced U.S. President Andrew Jackson on the American $20 banknote (and considered herself a Canadian).

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