Michael Sandel's Anti-White Populist Strategy to Defeat "Right-Wing Populism"


The rise of nationalist populism has shaken the globalist establishment far more than the rise of Islamic radicalism did in the 1990s and after. Muslim terrorism merely encouraged globalists to bring more "moderate" Muslims to the West to show undisturbed confidence in the value of diversity. The more Muslims have bombed the West the more power "moderate" Muslims have gained by way of grants, affirmative action, spread of businesses, regulations against "Islamophobia" and endless eulogies about their "indispensable" contributions. What globalists abhor are whites who affirm their national identities and call for limits to immigration. When a lone white nationalist commits a terrorist act the entire white race is condemned without a single journalist caring to write a story about a potential "backlash" against "moderate" white identitarians.

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