Mandatory mask bylaws with no end in sight


Cities across the nation have started to make non-medical face coverings mandatory inside public spaces. Banff, Alberta has included outdoor locations in their new mask law.  Why now? Canada's new wave of face mandates are spreading faster than one can say "Coronavirus!"  The mandates have no end date in sight and are occurring when Canada's current COVID-19 cases do not reflect a pandemic at all.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to mandate masks before we "flattened the curve"?

Why now, and not six months ago when Justin Trudeau was was warned of a mysterious virus spreading throughout Wuhan, China?

Oh, that's right... Trudeau and his pandemic response trained health advisers decided then that the risk to us what too low to take seriously.

My video details what are likely to be the driving forces behind the new rising curve of mask mandates and the lack of evidence to support the government forcing citizens what and when to wear something on their face.

Has the government over stepped?

Or, are these mask laws justifiable?

Watch the video and you decide.