Male-Bodied Rapists Are Being Imprisoned with Women. Why Do so Few People Care?


This is happening in Canada, where I live, even if most Canadians have no idea about it. The people who live in prison, including female prisoners, have very little constituency among politicians or journalists. The media reports on this issue rarely. And when they do, there is miniscule, if any, acknowledgement that self-ID poses a serious danger to incarcerated women. Just the opposite: Self-ID is portrayed as a step toward progressive enlightenment, full stop.

In the UK, currently 1 in 50 male prisoners are now claiming to be a woman. There is every reason to assume that the needless danger facing these women will only escalate as more male prisoners become aware of this "self-ID" escape hatch. Meanwhile, we women are dismissed or berated as "transphobes" when we voice concerns. It's a scandal that is now in plain sight. No woman should tolerate this appalling situation, and no civilized country should ask her to.

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