Make your voices heard


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants you to know the Government cares so it spent millions to send blank postcards to Canadians from sea to sea, with the postage paid. You can put those postcards to good use. Thousands of taxpayers like you should send these postcards to the prime minister's constituency office. He needs to hear from Canadians from across the country. Here is his office address: 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
220-1100 Crémazie East
Montréal, QC, H2P 2X2

Here are a few key taxpayer issues for inspiration:

· Canadians can't afford ever increasing carbon taxes

· Canada's trillion-dollar debt is mortgaging our children's futures

· It's time to cut off the $200,000 expense account for former governors general

· Proposed hate speech Law

· Gun confiscation and gun owners' rights

And remember: silence implies consent. Don't be silent. YOU can make a difference.