Maajid Nawaz vs Tommy Robinson – a tale of two political prisoners


Maajid Nawaz, ex-member of the terrorist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir, gets to point out the notoriously high percentage of Muslim rape gangs, and he is a saint. Tommy repeats the figures, and he is the devil himself. What politics exactly are at play here? Maajid, as we all know, is the media's darling, and Tommy is the villain. It's like Batman vs the Joker. And the joke is simply that Tommy Robinson wants Muslim rape gangs to be disrupted and arrested, and he is demonised for it. Maajid, on LBC radio, has spoken out about the prevalence of Pakistani grooming gangs in the UK, but there's much more he could be doing to be helping Mr. Robinson.

Tommy Robinson was never an extremist. He created an organisation that opposed Anjem Choudary's mob. He later disbanded it when he thought it was becoming too far right. Amnesty International came to Maajid's aid when he was a prisoner of conscience. No one is coming to Tommy's. He still has an upcoming court case, and the chances are likely that he'll do more jail time. It seems political prisoners get treated better in lands where sharia dominates than they do in lands where the Rule of Law exists.