Locked Down: COVID-19, Manufacturing Consent


"A very well thought out and highly professional video as usual, and our thanks should go out to the lads who researched and produced this one. Through this weight of negative propaganda and fear-mongering what we need to get out to people is HOPE. This is not something that we cannot fight; it is something we have to struggle against, even though the odds against us are enormous. We all know now how powerful these ruling elite really are, and how ignorant and cowardly the mass of people here in England are. What they are NOT afraid of is a pack of wolves led by a sheep - what they ARE afraid of is a flock of sheep led by a WOLF. Numbers are not the issue here, what matters now is how the individual (the 'solitary') acts in accordance with Natural Law. Wuotan's Krieger in one comment suggests that freedom begins WITHIN, and that is what is important - 'When freedom is outlawed - only the outlaw is free!"

The best thing that we can do is to become more and more self-reliant and self-sufficient, working where possible as small groups, even though individuals may not live in the same area. These people wish us to be totally reliant upon the State and Global Corporations, and the only way is to THINK NATIONAL and ACT LOCAL by starting with the small family unit and become more self-sufficient, and to train oneself in the mindset of the Survivalists. When one does this one is ready for anything in the way of catastrophic change - as has happened here. The English also need their own Folk-Religion to unite them, without this we are locked within the process of 'Divide and Conquer'. We have had the first of these drastic measures and changes, so we should now prepare for what could come next, not sit back and wait for this to go over - it will not!"