Letter to Time Magazine from Frosty Wooldridge


First of all, I am a baby boomer out of the 1940's. During my travels around the world for the past 50 years on a bicycle, my journeys brought me in close contact with hundreds of cultures on six continents. I've seen just about everything you can see on this planet from the Arctic to Antarctica.

While America faces being called a 'systemic racist country' from the George Floyd event, most folks don't realize that Africans kill Whites in South Africa and are trying to push them out of the country. In other words, races around the world don't get along. The Chinese don't like Americans let alone African-Americans. The Japanese don't like Blacks and don't let anyone immigrate into their country. If a White person migrated to Somalia, they wouldn't last a week in that society. Pakistan separated from India for the exact same reasons.

What's my point? Answer: racism is biological. It's stamped into our DNA as humanoids. It occurs whenever you mix races anywhere on the planet. It's tribal, it's survival, it's the way of life around this globe. It cannot be solved with education, financial equity or any other means that we've tried in the past 100 years.

My submission to you: would you please write a serious and well-researched piece on the biological aspects of 'racism'? Did deeply into tribalism, race, color, cultures and language. Offer solutions that would work, i.e., separation of the races into their own states or countries. Perhaps educational programs that show different races how to 'respect' one another. Perhaps an international body to create solutions on a worldwide scale. Because if we keep traveling along our current path, along with massive human overpopulation accelerating in this century as we add 100 million people to America and three billion of ourselves, net gain within 30 years to this planet-we face collapsing civilizations and conflict as we run out of water, energy, resources and environmental sustainability. Racism will be the least of our problems as the "human race" runs out of options for survival in the 21st century.

Thank you,

Frosty Wooldridge