Letter to RCMP from Terrorism Expert Tom Quiggin


This is a request from terrorism expert Tom Quiggin for the RCMP to investigate The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, the Honourable Marie Claude Bibeau, the Honourable Omar Alghabra and the Honourable Iqra Khalid for terrorism funding based on their financial support for Islamic Relief. Mr. Quiggin previously worked for the RCMP on related issues and first became a court expert witness on terrorism while working as an intelligence contractor for them.

The report url below is about 132 pages long, but it is the first 20 pages that has the real information. The rest is annexes and support material.

His Letter to the RCMP:

Brenda Lucki, Commissioner

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCMP National Headquarters

73 Leikin Drive

Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner Lucki,

This is a formal statement of complaint and I am willing to testify in court to the material contained in this report. The first twenty pages of this document contains the complaint itself and the direct relevant information. The remainder of the document contains supporting, explanatory or supplementary information.

The complaint is that Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada are using their official positions to channel taxpayers' money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The IRC is a federally registered charity, so the taxpayer is subsidizing this activity. IRC in turn is sending millions of dollars to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Seven independent and reliable sources have gone on the public record and stated that IRW uses charitable funds to provide material support to terrorism. In most cases, this means Hamas, an organization which is listed as a terrorist entity by the Government of Canada.

Funding terrorism is a criminal act according the Criminal Code of Canada.

I am a court expert in terrorism in both the Federal and criminal courts. I have spent years working in the military and intelligence communities, including several years spent at the RCMP (A-INSET). I was working for the RCMP in a national security intelligence role during the Momin Khawaja investigation when I was first qualified as a court expert. At other times, I have worked for the Canadian Armed Forces, the Privy Council Office (Intelligence Assessment Secretariat) and I have been a Senior Fellow at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Military service overseas involved time spent in Croatia and Bosnia during the Yugoslav War.

As you will note, all the sources of information here are public. Most footnotes have been individually rated for source reliability and information credulity and are marked as such (I.E. A2 or B1). The system behind rating the source material can be seen at Annex 18.

Best Regards,



Tahir Gora - The Canadian Thinkers Forum and TAG-TV

Raheel Raza and Sohail Raza - Muslims Facing Tomorrow

Benjamin Dichter

The Issue:

The Government of Canada is now dispersing taxpayers' money in situations where they are aware the ultimate use of the funds will be the direct and indirect support of terrorism. Among the intermediary agencies involved are Islamic Relief Canada and its parent organization, Islamic Relief Worldwide. The ultimate destination of a portion of the funds is Hamas, an organization listed by the Government of Canada as a terrorist entity.

It is no longer an outside job; it is an inside job.

This funding may constitute a criminal offence.

The Senate of Canada heard in May 2015 that the Muslim Brotherhood, listed as a terrorist organization in several countries, has a series of some eight to ten front organizations in Canada. Among then were the Muslim Association of Canada; the National Council of Canadian Muslims; (formerly known as Council of American Muslim Relations - Canada or CAIR-CAN); Islamic Relief Canada and the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy - Canada, IRFAN. IRFAN no longer exists as it lost its Canada Revenue Agency charitable status for funding terrorism and was later declared to be a terrorist entity.

The Members of Parliament involved in orchestrating this terrorist funding are:

1. The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament for Papineau and Prime Minister. As the First Minister in a Westminster form of Parliament, he has political responsibility and political accountability for the actions of his government. Prime Minister Trudeau has also done volunteer work for Islamic Relief Canada and a promotional video on their behalf. Prime Minister Trudeau has had a nearly ten-year long record of supporting, defending or deflecting criticism away from the Islamist cause in general since his election as a Member of Parliament in 2008. (See Annex 1 for more details.)

2. The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Member of Parliament for University-Rosedale and Minister of Global Affairs. As Minister of Global Affairs, she is politically accountable for the actions of her department.

3. The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Member of Parliament for York South-Weston and Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. As Minister of Immigration, he is politically accountable for the actions of his department.

4. The Honourable Marie Claude Bibeau, Member of Parliament for Compton-Stanstead and Minister for International Development. As Minister of International Development, she is politically accountable for the actions of her department.

5. The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre and Parliamentary Secretary for Global Affairs. As a Parliamentary Secretary for the Global Affairs Department (Foreign Ministry) Mr. Alghabra bears some political accountability for the department. He has also used his position as a Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to promote the cause of Islamic Relief in a variety of official and semi-official situations.

6. The Honourable Iqra Khalid, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erin Mills, is the sponsor of the M103 Parliamentary Motion on Islamophobia. She announced major funding (23 million dollars) to address Islamophobia in relation of her M103 Motion. It is not clear what share of the proposed 23 million dollars will go to Islamic Relief Canada, nor is it clear why a relief agency would be involved in such a project.

Missing in Action:

The Honourable Ralph Goodale is the Minister of Public Safety. The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier is the Minister of National Revenue. The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould is the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. In these positions, they are responsible for the enforcement of laws and regulations related to terrorism, terrorism funding and charities. They appear to be silent on the issue of Canadian money being sent by Islamic Relief Canada to Islamic Relief Worldwide which is then used to support HAMAS. It is possible that they are acting to enforce the law, but there is no pubic evidence.

Please take the time to read this report. If you want to understand what is being orchestrated by our Government with taxpayers' money, it is well worth it. Remember: