Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Dear Justin Case There Is A National Dangerous Uprising From The Previously Dismissed Irrelevant Fringe Minority Threatening World Peace:

Hold Your Horses, Ha! And I bet you wished you had! Wait! Let me start again.

Thank you for your inflexible, undemocratic, tyrannical and utterly TONE DEAF response to a sincere and frustrated tax paying group of deeply concerned Canadian citizens, YOUR citizens to whom you are OBLIGATED to listen, that is your job, you public servant you. They reflect a legitimate, justifiable and lawful questioning of compulsory mandates that have been imposed upon the Canadian population as a whole. You should be paying attention to your people. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shit, I thought that it was your job to do so. Having said that, it seems that although most Canadians approve of the vaccinations or Covid shots and that is their right to do so, VERY few approve of the draconian overreach that has nothing to do with the issue at hand, and everything to do with, well, spiteful bullying.

HOWEVER! Your magnificent malevolence has blasted across the world, making democratically elected leaders open the gates like never before, so as not to be associated with YOU. They shake their heads in disapproval; they look deeply concerned and upset about How You Have Dealt With The Issue. They chunter forth, in a worried fashion, bushy brows furrowed and little lips pursed. Tee Hee! Thanks Old Bean! I will now see my beloved son for the first time in over two years, as Western Australia has now hastily opened up so as not to be associated in any way shape or form with you and your cronies. I could just KISS you! But the hair. Really?

Moving right along.

What happened to civilized debate? What happened to honouring your fellow man and listening to your fellow citizens' sincere opinions, their genuine concerns, their conflicted feelings and their heartfelt worries? What are you doing to uphold the democratic principles we all hold so dear? What happened to Lobster Thermidor, which you hardly EVAH see on menus anymore. I know. A bit off piste, but still.

I would like to carry on thanking you for your idiotic response to the truckers, but I'm easily bored, and I have to begin arranging the joyous and thunderous celebrations that will be going into welcoming my darling son and his utterly gorgeous Canadian girlfriend...home.

I send you my salutations. Thank you once more for showing in such a spectacularly international fashion how slitheringly small, snivellingly nasty and snippy spiteful people who purport to be liberal and pretend to be For The People, can be. Silly boy.

It could have been solved so easily, with some dignified, graceful and respectful meetings and a joint resolution. A bit of give. A bit of take. A bit of Prime Minister of Canada who represents, well, all Canadians. Statesmanship. It's a thing. You silly twit. But, never has anyone been so delighted in your silly twitmanship than me.

I will forever be in your debt, and enjoying the company of my darling son very soon.

Merry Salutations,

Citizen of Denmark.