Lesson of COVID-19: Globalism Is A Disease


The world is in the midst of its first pandemic since 2008. Like H1N1, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, but this time it's linked to the unsavory culinary habits of the Chinese. The virus was traced to a wet market in Wuhan, China, which sold rats, bats, snakes, cats, dogs and other "exotic" foods. COVID-19 is classified as a zoonotic pathogen because it was able to jump the species barrier and infect humans. The demographics most affected are the elderly and the immuno-compromised. Beginning in January of this year, the virus spread from China to the rest of Asia, Europe and the Americas. By March, casualties increased dramatically around the globe, especially in Italy, which is now considered the disease epicenter. Worldwide, there are currently 339,039 cases of infection and 14,698 deaths. These numbers may be even higher, since people can remain asymptomatic for weeks.

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