Killing Free Speech in Switzerland


ECRI's curious battle to limit free speech, especially that of the media, continues. In its sixth and most recent country report on Switzerland, ECRI berated the media for focusing too much on news items such as the construction of minarets or radicalization, deeming it "intolerant discourse against Muslims":

The organization said that: "... states should raise awareness of the dangers posed by hate speech... by combating misinformation, negative stereotyping and stigmatisation; developing educational programmes for children and youth, public officials and the general public; supporting NGOs and equality bodies working to combat hate speech; and encouraging speedy reactions by public figures to hate speech".

The organization emphasized self-regulation as the "appropriate" approach to "tackling hate speech" especially through the application of "codes of conduct", and even regulation in some cases, which they believe should apply to both politicians and the media:

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