Killed by the Lockdown


Jerry (Ched) Dunham died in hospital in Medicine Hat, Alberta, at the age of 46. He leaves behind two daughters, now ages six and nine, and his soul friend Krista Lambier. Jerry had a heart attack on May 30. An ambulance took him to Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, where he did not recover, remaining unresponsive until his death on June 7, 2020.

Krista and her two daughters flew in from Ontario, but it was too late to say goodbye. Krista describes the "most terribly sad time of my life" as seeing her daughter hugging her unresponsive dad in ICU, crying and begging Jerry to wake up, while her other daughter was sitting in the corner, hugging her knees, rocking back and forth, and crying.

The doctors said he would last a few minutes to a couple hours, but his body stayed alive for another 2½ days because Jerry's lungs and the rest of his body were still healthy. Doctors explained to Krista that the lack of oxygen to Jerry's brain, from the time of heart attack to when the ambulance attendants got his heart pumping again, was too long for the brain to ever function again.

While every death is painful and tragic, preventable and unnecessary deaths are even worse.

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