Justin Trudeau Supports French-Canadian Culture While DECIMATING English Canadian Identity


An analysis of the four years Justin Trudeau has been prime minister of Canada reveals something rather telling-so of course, establishment media will not tell Canadians about it.

Degree to which PM Trudeau has supported patriotism and nationalism in Canada: Zero percent. Number of occasions when Trudeau has verbally referenced Old Stock Canada, Anglophone Canada or Christian Canada: Zero percent.

After four years in office, Mr. Trudeau finally references cultural identity in Canada:

Yet, Trudeau tells English Canada one thing and French Canada- Quebec in particular-another. In the French debate last week he actually praised Quebec lowering their intake of immigration.

"That's a good thing because of the Quebec identity and because of the need to protect the French language and if he wants to apply a values test, well, he can do that and it's appropriate," Trudeau said.

Tepid and weak-but the comment is there. So King Justin gives half a "thumbs up" to French Canadian cultural retention. Now, let's look at his approach to the rest of our nation.

For four years, Justin Trudeau has run-down English Canada, and its Anglophone communities White Canadians racists, says his apologyto Sikh Canadians. Also, we are bigots per our treatment of Muslims. We hate Jews-hence the refusal of the ship St. Louis during WW2.

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