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America has become a strange country to people like myself who believe in myths. No one in Europe disputes who our progenitors were in the manner young know-it-alls in America do. "Who were the pioneers?" they ask rhetorically. It's the kind of question posed by left-wing smart alecks and ignoramuses out to divide and rule. According to the great classical historian Taki, people of different races and backgrounds, with different histories and customs, are all prescriptions for disaster, except that it used to work in America. No longer. Keep your old customs and beliefs, is the order of the day. America's past, according to woke, was racist, hence conformity to Americana is a no-no. The Founding Fathers are the first to fall, along with their statues. History in Europe pretty much goes unchallenged. Not so over here, where it is being rewritten while statues are torn down and places renamed.

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