Jim Karahalios Ousted for the Second Time Weighs in on Sloan, Lewis, MacKay & O'Toole


Find out what the judge said about Jim K's case and how the CPC LEOC have controlled the race to ensure a victory for their candidate. If you threaten the establishment, they will find something...anything to get rid of you. We now see Derek Sloan, standing strong in the face of having his own well thought opinions, but it has been a close call as the rules don't seem to apply to everyone. Mr. Albatross bathroom bill, MacKay says the most unacceptable things to the left leaning libcons, but not a word of reproof. O'Toole pretends to be blue, but no one is fooled; he is the farthest things from a true conservative. Lewis and Sloan now in the race of their lives to stand tall for the grassroots. It's a fight to the finish - but then what?

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