Jim Karahalios achieved the Party's requirements to have his name added to the ballot in the Conservative leadership race.


STATEMENT: We achieved 3,000 signatures (as verified by the Party) over two weeks ago, and yesterday we surpassed $300,000 in donations! And we did it without the need of a bank loan.We have overcome the establishment's "buy-in" - a historically high barrier that makes it difficult for a grassroots candidate to enter the race and give Party members the right to vote for the candidate of their choosing. Thanks to your support, we did it!

Conservatives across Canada have united behind this campaign to have their voices heard and to stop the Red Tory Coronation.Now, we will need to raise money to fund the remainder of the campaign after March 25th.Nine days ago, we achieved $150,000 and 2,000 signatures.

But, unlike other candidates, we were not provided with the Party membership list - the only campaign to get this far without it.

Two days ago, the Party changed the Rules in the middle of the process by creating an online portal for endorsement signatures for candidates who have yet to achieve their 3,000 signatures.

Despite these disadvantages, we achieved $300,000 in donations to go with our 3,000 signatures!

The Party keeps $200,000 of these donations as a "buy-in." The other $100,000 is a deposit that is to be returned to us after the campaign is over as long as we follow the rules.This is a true grassroots movement to stop the Red Tory Coronation!

The establishment may not like us, but we have met the requirements, and we are ready to give Conservative Party members a voice in this leadership race.

If you would like to donate to put our campaign on a good start for April, May and June, you can do so by by following this link:

The best is yet to come!

Jim Karahalios

Conservative Party Leadership Candidate

P.S. Now that we have raised $300,000 required as a "buy-in" to have my name added to the ballot, we now need donations to fund the rest of the campaign in April, May, and June. You can donate by following this link.