Jewish Mom walking with child beaten in SIXTH ATTACK ANTISEMITIC IN NYC THIS CHANUKAH, , “We are coming after all you Jews”


Under Mayor Bill de Blasio New York City has become dangerous for Jews. De blasio has refused to take any meaningful action to deal with this crisis, out of fear of offending his anti-Semitic supporters such as Linda Sarsour. In fact, the Simon Wiesenthal Center listed attacks on New York City's Jews as the 6th worst case of anti-Semitism in 2019. The center also referenced the "scant action" taken by New York City's politicians in their report.

De Blasio's whitewashing on antisemitism

No Christchurch outrage. No media coverage. Mayor de Blasio's supports the haters. He gave 10 million dollars to Jew hater Linda Sarsour's org. Democrats and their running dogs in the media have normed Jew hatred and violence against Jews.

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