Jagmeet Singh Wants You To Know That You "Belong"


As you have undoubtedly noticed, Jagmeet Singh milked the infamous Trudeau "brown face" photo for all that it was worth. In various news clips, Singh was able to recount his "moving" story about how he was mocked for his religion when growing up, and how he was afraid that the Prime Minister's clowning would "hurt" visible minority children. His takeaway message to those children was that they are "loved" and "valued", adding that (drum rolls)

I want folks to know that they belong.

Is this the same guy who said that attaching a blank sheet of paper on a door with a message that stated that "It's OK to be white" was a hateful expression of intolerance? Was Mr. Singh saying that it is not OK to be white? If so, then I guess I should cover my face with the same "racist" make-up Justin wore when he was Aladdin. But then if I did that I would be a racist, wouldn't I? But wait a minute, I am a racist already because I'm white, so what am I supposed to do? Oh, I know. I'll commit suicide, just as the people of Sweden and Western Europe are collectively doing right now.

Perhaps Mr. Singh should amend his comment to say that "I want non-white folks to know that they belong". Or "I want white folks who challenge immigration policy and the imposition of Official Multiculturalism to know that they don't belong in a national TV debate." Or in Canada, for that matter.

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