J’Accuse Barack Obama! Flynn is an officer. Obama is not a gentleman


Much confusion reigns in the mainstream media reporting of the coup attempt by Obama and his Chief Executive team to derail Trump's candidacy during the 2016 election and then oust him from the White House after his inauguration in January 2017.

The confusion is deliberate to generate as much smoke for public opinion and scrub the greatest political scandal in American history from the minds of the contemporary electorate as Americans head to vote in November. This confusion has also been given much fodder by violent racial-baiting and racially motivated violence orchestrated as a result of the revulsion over the George Floyd felony-killing by a white rogue police officer in Minneapolis, and which then handed the pretext to the race hustlers in American politics on the winking of the Democrat party high command to raise a hellish distraction in the public from the mighty stink of the Obamagate coming to light under the scrutiny of Attorney-General William Barr and his team of investigators.

To keep all of this rapidly unfolding story in view and in perspective is certainly a demanding job for a daily harassed, distracted, worried citizen and no less for anyone of us who may think that we are generally well-informed. This is not the case. And it is not the case when it comes to how deep and how wide is the effect of the Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicting Americans. To this must be added the now most grave malady of how over the past several generations college education in North America has been corrupted and dumbed down by the entire panoply of Marxian left-wing ideology so that our fellow citizens have barely a nodding acquaintance with their country's history.

The toppling of statues, the beheading of sculpted figures, the call for more torching of churches and religious icons are undeniably manifestations of the deep desires of mobs to perform in flesh and blood, and physically hack those they have declared as their racial enemies. Right at the beginning of the Trump administration mainstream media carried stories and gory pictures of Trump-like figurines mauled, defaced, torn down.There was the comedian Kathy Griffin coming out in public holding a model-head of Trump as decapitated and drenched in blood with nary a protest in public or in print from liberals of the sickening act this sick woman was performing. In Central Park, New York, in the summer of 2017 was staged the scene from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with Trump as Caesar torn in flesh and stabbed to death, and again there was no protest from liberals that such staged enactments go far beyond protected speech and instead they are proddings or invitations to the sick minds to enact what should be unthinkable.

We are undeniably watching a civil war unfolding. It is, of course, unlike in details the one civil war in American history that is imprinted in our collective mind. How all of this will end can be anybody's guess, but it will leave wounds in the body politics of the great republic that will not be repaired soon.

Above is a very short essay, under one-thousand words, that explains what the mainstream media will not report. One of the triggers for Obama's coup against Trump happened to be General Michael Flynn. This aspect of the coup plot is now coming to the surface in the District of Columbia court presided by Judge Emmet Sullivan. What the Flynn story reveals goes to the heart of the Obama administration's thinking and prejudices. The race based politics of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa pales when one takes into account how deep the currents of anti-Semitism ran through the minds of Obama and his surrogates as they engaged in the entrapment of Flynn and the attempted coup against President Trump. As the author of this essay shows very rightly that the Flynn affaire was a replay on the Potomac of the Dreyfus affaire in France from more than a century ago.

Obama is an anti-Semite. Democrat party of today is bathed almost wholly in anti-Semitism. And to this, I will add, with apology to my Jewish friends, the most disgusting group of people in America today, and their counterparts in Canada, are those Never Trumper Jews and their cohorts, a majority among American Jews, who will continue to march in the ranks of Democrats and vote Democratic in the up-coming election. If Dante was alive today, I imagine, he would add a special circle in his inferno for these folks.

Salim Mansur

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