Its Going Down: Antifa, Submedia And Crimethinc Plan To Set August On Fire With Violent Confrontations


It is fascist/communist groups such as Antifa that bring the violence every time. There are some on the far right that are violent, don't get me wrong. But the overwhelming majority of incidents come from Antifa. They promote militant violence to combat those they label as fascists. That would be anyone who supports President Trump or who is a conservative. Antifa is unapologetic for wanting to get down and dirty with the right. They see them as the enemy and will go to war with them all the while claiming that the right brought the violence on themselves. It's twisted... it's leftist authoritarian think... it's communism.

It's ironic in the extreme that Antifa is claiming they are protecting people while inciting violence. They say there is a new wave of violence coming from the fascist right, but the only time we see violence is when the left and Antifa are involved. They are calling everyone on the right fascists and Nazis. I doubt they even know what that means.