It's Free Speech or Bust


Until these Human Wrongs Tribunals are abolished, Canadian democracy, such as it is, is nothing but a sham. Since our parliaments are thoroughly infested with sharia-compliant Islamodupes and Leftists with a totalitarian mindset (is there any other kind?), only a court challenge can get the job done. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms - as weak as it is - is our only appeal.

Note from Author: If I could speak for the six people I know who lead activist organizations and run websites, they would all say this:"Stop telling me how much you enjoy reading my articles. Stop telling me to "keep up the fight". I don't need your praise; I need your help. Either step up to the plate and contribute financially - or help shoulder the load in getting our message out. Either put your money---or your time---where your mouth is, or STFU! Fighting the Culture War is not a spectator sport."