Islamists in Canada Poised to Grab Anti-Racism Jackpot


By using the term "Islamophobia" in the document, the state is singling out one faith community, as though Islam and Muslims are exclusive and need special attention. In fact, statistics show that hate crimes against the Aboriginal peoples, Jews, Blacks and LGBTQ communities are the highest.

As for Muslims, just how badly are they really treated? There are approximately over 100 Mosques and 50 Islamic organizations just in the greater Toronto area (and growing). There are 11 Muslim MP's in our government and Muslim prayers are taking place in some public schools. This doesn't look like systemic racism to me!

By the way, anti-racism programs like this are not just happening in Canada. Pakistan has just proposed a six-point plan at the United Nations to address faith-based hatred and Islamophobia.

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