Islamic Organizations Launch “Muslim Vote Weekend” with SERMONS in Mosques Across Canada


Political organization. This is how elections are won and lost. As it happens, Muslim organizations from Whitehorse to Halifax, N.S. are pushing their people to get out and vote.

Illegal? Immoral? Not at all. However, as CAP have opined in the past, these developments are highly significant within contemporary Canadian society. The fundamental issue is simple to understand-one reason why Canadian establishment media have never mentioned or alluded to this basic truism:

Within Islamic society, politics and religion are indelibly linked-where as the same does not hold true for the Christian faith. This, in CAP's opinion, spells giant trouble for Anglophone and Christian communities of Canada.

In fact, it is fair to conclude that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have been instrumental in advancing political Islam within Canada.

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