Islamic-Canadian Activist Calls For BAN Of “Nationalist” Political Parties


"While attention is mainly focused on the leaders of the four main parties, something sinister is happening to our politics. White supremacy has made its way into mainstream public discourse in this country, becoming an insidious danger to our democracy."

So says leading Anglophone-basher and Islamic political activist, journalist Amira Elghawaby.

For starters, CAP cannot think of a more anti-democratic political institution than the Nation of Islam. As a generalization, there is not a single component of democratic philosophy within Islamic faith, belief and religious practice.

Within Islamic nations, Christian minorities have no democratic rights. In Pakistan, a Christian must pay an extra tax to the government-simply because they are Christian.

Naturally, we never hear those like Ms. Elghawaby going off against these behaviours. For her, Islam is an oppressed community, and non-Muslims are the oppressors-end of story.

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