Is the #MeToo movement serving as a tool for political Islam at McGill?


As reported by Barbara Kay, Assistant Professor Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim had an impressive research record, was an extremely popular teacher, and also scored high for "service." But Dr. Ibrahim's strengths may lead to his being denied tenure at McGill University. His objective method of teaching offended Muslim student Sarah Abdelshamy, who couldn't deal with his saying things like "ISIS didn't invent any Koranic verses or hadiths." This implied, Abdelshamy said, that Islam is compatible with terrorism. Naturally, she accused the professor of Islamophobia.

When those accusations didn't get much traction, accusations of sexual harassment against Dr. Ibrahim popped up. The report of tenure committee which voted to deny Dr. Ibrahim tenure claims that he fell short on allowing students to express their views. This is contradicted by Dr. Ibrahim's ranking on this question by students; only 9 out of the 331 student evaluations in the past six years made that claim. As the minority report noted, it was "suspicious" that these nine evaluations all occurred in 2017, the last semester included in the assessment for tenure. Dr. Ibrahim has launched a $600,000 lawsuit against Abdelshamy and another assistant professor who, Dr. Ibrahim claims, worked with Abdelshamy to block his tenure. He is also appealing his denial of tenure.