HYPOCRISY: After Saying ‘Stay Home, Save Lives,’ And Shutting Parliament, Trudeau Attends Packed Protest Without Social Distancing


Justin Trudeau, standing in a crowd full of people, packed in next to eachother, with no social distancing whatsoever.  Turns out, "stay home, save lives" only applied to some.  It only applied to people the government didn't like, or causes they didn't approve of.

Apparently, the 'science' has changed yet again.

This is a disgrace.

How the hell can anyone be expected to believe the politicians and the 'experts' ever again, when we see the depth of their hypocrisy, lies, and double-standards?

Think of all the people who died alone, all the sadness and the loss and the inability to mourn, only for their family members to see Trudeau violating all the ironclad rules.


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