How To Unmask Legally At Work


These documents were prepared professionally citing all the scientific resources available proving that masks are not only very minimally effective at curbing a pandemic, but they can be quite harmful to a person wearing them all day at work. This poses a liability to the employer and when you put it like this to your employer he will be more receptive. It is important for your employer to realize too, that under the current mask exemption laws, they have to respect anyone that has a mask exemption and do not have the right to ask what the medical exemption is. Given this information, you should also understand that mandates are not laws, and that most mask bylaw fines are thrown out before they even go to court. This means for the business that stands up for your employees, you can set the precedent for removing this. Do not back down from a tyrannical government. If you want to learn more, signup on this site, and you will realize that the government of Canada has been lying to you.

Here are the papers to give to your employer. They are also the same papers that can be used to give to any bylaw office also letting them know that if they write a ticket to you, that you will personally sue them, and the city for enforcing things that violate the charter of rights, and the bill of rights. If you do not believe me, please consult a lawyer. Or you could just be the rock that society needs right now. Either way, you have the rights to refuse wearing a mask based on medical exemptions (this applies to everyone, based on the data from the paperwork below.

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