How to Bring Down the Ideology of the Left


The ideology of the Left is integral to the Left's power. Democrats seek to codify political correctness into legislation as settled verities admitting no further debate. This is despite the abject failure of their policies to solve the problems they contend need fixing. The welfare state has spawned intergenerational dependence and misery as well as national debt. Their self-appointed victims have not been healed by un-gendered bathrooms. Yet despite facts, evidence, and rational thinking, which have all exposed the absurdity of the Left's current dogma, like fanatics, they cling to it more vehemently than ever.

It is time for us to take back not only our national sovereignty, but sovereignty over human nature. We must deny the Left its attempt to circumscribe, shut down, shut out, and reduce us to stereotypes. By reviving humanist respect for the dignity of every soul and the possibility of moving beyond the horizon to fresh endeavors of the mind, we will win against those on the Left who wish to confine us in an ideological coffin. If more people embraced a holistic humanism, more students would become interested in studying the humanist classic, Renaissance, and Christian texts, and the pressure will be on the universities to change direction. Then we can take back the education of our children and give them the philosophical expectation of continual spiritual growth.

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