How The Left Projects Its Own Racism Onto The Right


To people on the left, who already deny men are created equal, a racist is a member of the oppressor class. Most people on the left know this and most people on the right don't.

The DC "Unite the Right" rally resurfaced the silly "Who's the real racist?" game. When liberals call conservatives or conservative opinions racist, conservatives respond: "No, you are the real racist!" But conservatives don't seem to understand that liberals use that term in a different way. Worse, conservatives damage conservatism by arguing. If they are going to play the game, conservatives should do so with open eyes.

Let me start by acknowledging the obvious: racism is bad. The game isn't silly because the response is wrong; people on the left really are racist. Of course I am generalizing, but it isn't far off. Does anyone on the left not embrace identity politics, which is about judging people by their group identity as defined by race, sex, and queerness? This seems pretty racist by any textbook definition of racism.

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