How Professional Merit and Scientific Objectivity Became Casualties of Social Justice Insanity


In the interests of creating a society based on the axioms of "social justice"-which is really socialist justice-the principles of professional merit and scientific objectivity are dismissed by our mandarin class as forms of bigotry. As the professions, the educational institution, the political arena, and the scientific establishment engage in a process of diversification, accommodating claimants who trade on race and gender rather than ability and native endowment, merit is in the process of being replaced by outright mediocrity.

In short, all should enjoy the opportunity to compete and perform to prove they satisfy the conditions of a particular field of endeavor, to demonstrate excellence, merit and respect for truth and objectivity. No concessions should be made that adulterate the principles of the discipline, trade, service or profession under the loupe-unless we are willing to allow discovery and inventiveness to flag, analytical and conceptual quality to decline across the board to everyone's disadvantage, and "misery to be redistributed." Plainly, no one should be prevented from lining up at the starting gate, but the race must not be fixed. To cite the poet John Keats, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.

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