How Nuclear Power Excels Renewables


The enormous benefits available from nuclear energy are the ultimate example of beating swords into plowshares. That should overshadow any political differences. It did in France, where after several energy crises, that nation went nuclear and now obtains 80% of its energy from nuclear reactors. As an added benefit, their carbon footprint is just 50% of their coal-burning neighbor Germany.

It would be nice if wind, ocean current, and solar power could solve our energy concerns. But all three of these energy generators are highly inconsistent. They are simply not up to the task. During WWII, the Army Corps of Engineers excelled at rapidly fabricating pontoon bridges over rivers to replace structures destroyed by the enemy. What we are asking solar, wind, and ocean energy to do is comparable to asking those engineers to build a bridge from the west coast to Hawaii. It is not doable.

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