How Justin Trudeau Funds Saudi Arabia By SIDELINING Alberta Oil


As federal and provincial politicians pat themselves on the back for their climate change 'leadership,' and pipeline opponents gloat about stalling construction of new Canadian pipelines, tanker-loads of foreign oil are delivered regularly to Eastern Canadian refineries, including increasing volumes from Saudi Arabia.

By enduring some short-term pain at US$35 per barrel or lower, the Saudis can sideline the likes of Canada and Venezuela and ensure a long-term command of the global oil market.

Strangely enough, Canada is helping them do it.

The twist to this story comes in the manner in which the Canadian government unwittingly plays into the hands of the Saudis. So proud is the Trudeau government of its action on environmental stewardship and climate change that it essentially does the Saudis' dirty work for them.

By tightening the screws on domestic Canadian production while seeing an increase in Saudi-originating imports, Canada is helping to accelerate the rate of our own energy-sector's decline.

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