How and Where Antifa Organize and How They Are Funded


So far, I have shown you how dangerous Antifa is, how they use media to promote their violence and hate, and have shown you that they are in fact the REAL racist organization they claim everyone else is . I have shown you some of physical weapons they use to enact terrorism upon the public. In this article, I will explain to everyone how they organize and where, and how they are funded . . . and you will be surprised ( or not ) as to where some of their money comes from.

Antifa is not like a corporation with head offices, board of directors, shareholders and retail outlets. They are a domestic terrorist organization that wants to force YOU into believing in a communist state, where YOUR rights would be non existent, and THEIR rights, wants, desires and actions would be rule of " law " Antifa is not a single based, single focused organization. Rather, they employ various methods, means and messages to terrorize the public. They have different " branches " and different leaders who specialize in these areas, to create a network of terror.  I will expand on the leaders in another article because it is vast and nation wide, focusing in different areas. 

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