#HonkHonk: Postcard from the Truckers For Freedom Rally in Ottawa


From coast to coast to coast, we are united by a single shared goal: freedom. January 29th was just the opening volley of a growing thunder that is slowly breaking all the walls that divide us and is breaking the spell that has held so many hostage for so long. The tidal wave unleashed by the truckers is reaching into every corner of this country, helping us all find our voices, bringing communities together, and bringing freedom to us all.

What we do here, today, in Canada, has a chance to save everyone else around the world as our example spreads to country after country. Multiple countries are now setting up their own convoys. Honk by honk, the global community is being forced to confront the issue.

Freedom is within our grasp, but only if we are now visible, loud, peaceful, and relentless.

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