Happy Holidays, New York Times!


Responding to this breathtaking load of hogwash, Robert Spencer, the aforementioned Islamophobe, gently pointed out that Moghul's "paragon of compassion" was, in fact, a bloodthirsty warrior who by the time of his death had subdued most of the Arabian peninsula by the sword. Moghul, in his Times piece, professed to have been shocked by 9/11, which he contended was an un-Islamic act; in response, Spencer dryly suggested that Moghul, purportedly a student of his faith, should hardly have been shocked, since the story of Islam (as comprehensively documented in Spencer's own History of Jihad) is from start to finish a tale of savage jihadist violence. "Haroon Moghul," Spencer concluded, "is a dissembler and propagandist of the most cynical type. And the New York Times is his eager and willing accomplice." Indeed.