Hamas-linked group targets human rights activist for telling unwelcome truths


The Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a press release last Friday, calling upon the American Legion Nonantum Post 440 in Newton, Massachusetts to cancel an event featuring Aynaz Anni Cyrus, an ex-Muslim from Iran. Cyrus' crime? She knows too much about Islam, and particularly about the institutionalized mistreatment of women under Islamic law, and isn't afraid to speak frankly about what she knows.

Said CAIR-MA Executive Director John Robbins: "While every American has the right to free speech - even the kind of bigoted and misinformed speech offered by Ms. Cyrus - credible organizations like the American Legion should not provide platforms that imply approval or offer credibility to hate-filled views."

CAIR makes similar efforts to shut down any speaker who speaks unwelcome truths about Islam, jihad and Sharia wherever they're given a mainstream platform, and always claims that these speakers are "bigoted and misinformed." When applying these labels to Anni Cyrus, however, CAIR runs into a problem: Cyrus was born in Iran and grew up in the Islamic Republic. Not only was she a Muslim, but she experienced Islam in a nation whose government prides itself on its strict application of Sharia rules.

Thus if anyone knows Islam, it's Anni Cyrus. Her views are just the opposite of "bigoted and misinformed": they were shaped by her own bitter experience.