Habibullah Ahmadi Guilty of Murdering Anne Widholm


Last Friday, Habibullah Ahmadi, 24, was found guilty of second-degree murder in the October 8, 2017, beating of Sara Anne Widholm in Windsor, Ontario. Justice Bruce Thomas referred to a "savage" beating Ahmadi "knew was likely to cause her death."

As the trial revealed, Habibullah Ahmadi approached Anne Widholm, punched her in the face, then delivered repeated blows before picking her up and repeatedly "slamming her head into the ground." Anne Widholm's face was unrecognizable, her skull "crumbled," and she fell into a state "worse state than death," according to Dr. Balraj Jhawar. In 2017, the neurosurgeon told the Windsor Star the multiple brain hemorrhages, fractured skull and vertebrae were "among the most brutal things I've seen in my career," and "not just another random attack."

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