Green party leader calls on white Canadian women to riot and loot


The interim head of the Green Party is calling on Canadian white woman to start rioting and looting saying the cause is "valid."  Jo-Ann Roberts is referring to massive riots sweeping the U.S. after the cell-phone videoed murder of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis by a white police officer.

The slaying has spawn a week-long series of rioting across the U.S. that has seen police officer killed and wounded, billions of dollars in damage and thousands of arrests.

Canadian protests have been peaceful except for one in Montreal that led to looting. Black Lives Matter protesters also desecrated the Canadian War Memorial in Regina.

"Fellow white women, we need to step up. Stop calling the BLM protests "looting" and "rioting"," Roberts tweeted Tuesday.

"Repeat after me: There is no comfortable way to fight oppression. What's happening across the US and Canada is valid. right. and necessary. Get on board."

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