Globalism is about erasing the spirit of Enlightenment


The full consequences of failing to understand Globalism as the ideology bent upon re-shaping our societies - the civilization in the West that was shaped and nurtured by the era in history known as the Age of Enlightenment - will be to watch the dismantling of those values and their replacement by the values of the counter-Enlightenment.

The essential spirit, or as Germans philosophers have called the "zeitgeist", of the Enlightenment movement was "Dare to know."

This was the spirit that inspired and drove men and women to re-learn and rethink the past (the Renaissance spirit); to question the dogmas of religion and assert the fundamental relationship between God and man was personal (the Reformation spirit); that nature was an open book to be explained and understood through inquiry and experiment (the spirit of the scientific method); and politics was about social contract among free individuals to protect and advance their God-given inherent rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", or "peace, order and good government" (the spirit of republicanism and democracy).

The spirit of Enlightenment was consummated in two political revolutions: the American revolution of 1776, and the French revolution of 1789.

The difference in these two revolutions at its outset became over time the basis of the counter-Enlightenment movement.

The American revolution unfolded in the making of the republican constitutional order when the thirteen colonies formerly under the British monarch came together and ratified the U.S. Constitution and elected George Washington as the first President.

The template of the American system of government and society was then firmly established. It would be challenged, as it was in the Civil War of 1860-65, but the Union prevailed.

The French revolution was split by the rise of Jacobins and Jacobinism, a radical movement arising from the revolution and in using terror as an instrument of power to demand the society be governed by the leader representing the will of the people.

This was dictatorship dressed in the name of the people and denial of the people's right to govern themselves on the basis of a free social contract (a constitution drafted and ratified by the people).

The French revolution was deformed by Jacobinism and gave rise to terror, to Bonapartism, to the return of the monarchy, wars, and eventually to the counter-Enlightenment movement in the name of socialism.

Jacobinism led to the birth of Marxism, Bolshevism, Stalinism, Maoism, all claiming to be devoted to the improvement of people's lives (socialism), but in practice denying freedom through the powers of the state, or the elite controlling the state, to dissent, to question, to criticize the ideas and policies of the ruling class.

The contrast between the American and the French revolutions tells the story of how the spirit of Enlightenment on the one hand led to the greatest advancement of human progress under the banner of freedom based on individual rights; and on the other hand, how this same spirit was bastardized by the rise of Jacobinism that morphed into Marxism-Bolshevism and under the banner of one world ("the workers of the world unite", and "the workers have no nation-state of their own") led to the making of the most oppressive and tyrannical forms of political system in history.

Globalism is the reformulation of the bastardized ideas of the counter-Enlightenment in the name of science, while denying critical inquiry of Globalist supported science such as man-made climate change, or global warming, under the pretext of political correctness.

Globalism, and it is no longer hidden, is the reformulation of the Marxist-Leninist ideology of one world through the agency of the UN and its plan of a one borderless world through the various policy formulations laid out in the UN Agenda for sustainable development of the planet Earth.

In cultural terms, which is most important and I repeat myself here - culture is upstream, politics and economics are downstream - Globalism is about erasing the spirit of Enlightenment and replacing it by the spirit of counter-Enlightenment.

Those who refuse to understand what is at stake in terms of Globalism, those who refuse to study and deepen their knowledge about the matter, or those who wilfully bury their heads as ostriches from seeing what is being pushed by Globalists, are in Lenin's vocabulary "the useful idiots" for Globalism.

The Liberal party, the Conservative party, the New Democrats, and the Greens, are the useful tools of the Globalists in Canada to turn Canadians into willingly surrender their Enlightenment culture, their nationhood, their sovereignty as a free people, to the Global elite who runs the UN.

The three stooges of present day Canadian politics are Justin Trudeau, Erin O'Toole, and Jagmeet Singh. Together they are the personification of the "useful Idiots" of the Globalist agenda.

Salim Mansur

September 15, 2020