Sick Elderly Man Must Be Evicted From Home to Make Way for Illegal Migrants


Germany's Nürtingen District Court has ruled that Klaus Roth, a senior social worker, must vacate his home of 24 years so that six 'asylum seekers' can move in. Roth is now 75 years old and has had three strokes, asthma, diabetes and two intervertebral disc operations. Nevertheless, the Court has ordered him to surrender his six-room apartment by September 30th.

Ironically, during the height of Germany's 2015 illegal migrant flood, Roth volunteered to aid and welcome 'refugees,' approximately 40 of whom have already been resettled in town.

Roth has lived in a six-room state-subsidized apartment of around 150 square meters, which was used to also accommodate his his three children, but now lives in the apartment with his partner. Roth fought the Neckartailfingen community legally in order to remain in his home. The state has unilaterally decided that this apartment is now too big for Roth and his partner, and that it would be better utilized by housing six migrants instead. Roth feared the move due to his failing health and the stress of moving. However, the court ruled . . .

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