Freedom To Breathe Agency


We must protect our birth right to breathe. This is NOT negotiable. FTBA is an agency designed to stop face mask orders and human rights oppression from spreading nationwide and globally. ​

OXYGEN IS No. 1 NUTRIENT for every living organism including humans.

Wearing a face mask is an unhealthy obstruction of oxygen flow that can lead to hypoxemia (low oxygen level in the blood) and hypoxia (low oxygen level in the tissue). Both of these conditions are health threatening and can permanently damage the brain, lungs, heart and about any other organ.

Wearing a face mask has also very important effect on our psychology. It is a psychological anchor for suppression, enslavement and cognitive obedience. When you wear a mask you are complicit in declaring all humans as dangerous, infectious and threats. How long do you think it will be before your social engineers tell you that talking spreads the virus farther . . . and they forbid talking?

How long before your human farmers trick you into believing that it is better you stop breathing altogether . . . as to stop the spread of a virus?

All sold as being for your health and safety. You are being conned and your compliance makes the con a reality.

Freedom To Breathe Agency (FTBA) is a movement of proud American citizens who are dedicated to protecting their freedom and liberty. Their team consists of people from all walks of life from attorneys, doctors, business owners, CEOs, moms and dads who want to make a difference in this world and create a promising future for our children.

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