Freedom Convoy dismantles stereotypes about who is opposed to vaccine mandates


Anyone dismissing this movement as a flash in the pan or a few disgruntled people is underestimating the potential impact on the Canadian polity. Freedom Convoy 2022 has busted some important stereotypes. We were told it would be a small number of disgruntled middle aged, far right, potentially violent, old stock white Canadians, but walking around the protests over the weekend in Ottawa, one saw people in large numbers of all ages and ethnicities, with no violence so far reported by the police.

Dichter and Lich say they have no truck, no pun intended, with any racist fringe elements who may have attached themselves to their movement. A few images have been doing the rounds of Confederate and Swastika flags, but as Dichter told me, as he is Jewish and Lich is Metis, the notion that they would endorse such racism is "hysterical."

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