Freedom Convoy 2022


January 27, 2022 Official Daily Event and Safety Report. END THE MANDATES is the message.

1. Go Fund Me organizers Tamara Lich and BJ Dichter report that relations with the Go Fund Me organizers remain positive. Go Fund Me is doing extensive due diligence as this may be one of the top ten campaigns in their history.

2. The convoys continue to come together like a series of tributaries flowing into a river. They will meet in Ottawa on 28 and 29 January 2022. Some arrivals have been slowed due to the sheer size of the convoys, the weather, and the perception of (possible) government interference.

3. Community events continue to occur across Canada as local communities turn out to feed and support drivers and support staff. These events are supported by a wide range of civic, religious, political and citizen groups.

4. Relations with police departments remain positive to date. Convoy organizers are working hard to communicate with a variety of federal, provincial, and municipal authorities.

5. Convoy drivers report an unusual level of delays and inspections in what are perceived attempts by governmental authorities to cause delays. This was mainly in Western Canada.

6. Lake effect snow in northern Ontario delayed the western convoy on 27 January 2022. It remains unclear how much of the delays= were due to "Mother Nature" and how much was due to authorities.

7. One individual donated some $13,000 to the Freedom Convoy 2022 and then demanded a return of the money. Convoy organizers feel it is possible that this event was a deliberate (political) attempt to attack the reputation of the convoy. The individual has a record of difficulty and association with

political causes.

8. Dr Steve Kirsch had an extended interview with convoy driver/organized Sean Tiessen. The zoom call, followed by thousands, addressed the issue of vaccine mandates, mask mandates, tracking apps and cross border regulations. The zoom call also interviewed Canadian driver Stacie Midgley who is enroute from Florida to British Columbia. The discussion centred on the idea that 40% of US truck drivers are likely not vaccinated with a similar number in Canada. The discussion also suggested that the numbers claimed by the government as to those vaccinated in total are likely unreliable and high. The discussion also focussed on the idea that the protest had nothing to do with race, creed or culture and had more to do with the rule of law/Bill of Rights/Charter of Rights. The convoy stands up for everyone and supports freedom of speech.

9. Support is coming from outside/inside Canada by a number of influencers and thought leaders. Tesla car manufacturer Elon Musk stated "Canadian Truckers Rule." This made headlines immediately across Canada and the USA. Jordan Petersen (2 million followers ) has also endorsed the convoy. He suggested one convoy is now 70 KMS long. American podcaster Joe Rogan has stated the "country is in revolt."

10. Convoy organizers are also developing an internal intelligence capability to identify potential sources of violence. A separate report on identifying violent groups/individuals will follow.

11. The number of Class Eight Trucks and associated vehicles (HGV and LGV) appears to be in the thousands. The number of vehicles will be more than sufficient to block all downtown Ottawa and the surrounding areas. The duration of the stay of the vehicles is uncertain, but the stated intent of the organizers is to remain in Ottawa until all mandates are lifted. Given the $6.4 million CAD (4.5 million Euros) raised through a Go Fund Me campaign to date, the convoy organizers feel they have sufficient money and support to remain for weeks if necessary.

12. The Government of Canada has stated it will reject all demands for any changes, however, the convoys have not yet arrived in Canada and it is too early to asses what pressures will be put on the government to re-open the city.

13. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has announced that he may have been exposed to a Covid positive person. Despite testing negative, he now says he will self-isolate for five days.