Free Will


When I look at what the far-left is trying to do, pushing our society toward this unrealistic unattainable utopia where there is no evil, and no unfairness, requires the stripping away of our humanity, our self-determination, our free will. It requires turning us into robots controlled by the state, ceding our free will and self-determination over to the government. A loss of who we are as people, a loss of human goodness and morality, the loss of the ability to love and be loved. The state has to strip everything away that makes us human.

We see this in the response to Covid-19. People have become mere pawns to the government bureaucracies in control of the Covid response. They are stripping people away from their own humanity because the people no longer have self-determination over their medical decisions. The mask and vaccine mandates have created a two-tiered system between those who comply with government, and those make their own decisions. And those who do not comply are being deprived of their basic human rights, and are being castigated as immoral.

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